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Hailing from a small city in Illinois, rap group "Iron Rose" intends to display their talents on the big stage. Independently, "Iron Rose" has laid a solid foundation and turned their passion for the music into a brand. A brand of progress, love, and exceptional music.

Officially forming in 2011, the Peoria natives dove into the underground rap scene to begin their ascension to the top. Recording in a basement studio deemed "the gunshop," they honed and mastered their skills behind the microphone. The group even took to practicing in an empty church, to work on their stage performance. All this coming before they had ever booked a show. After five years, four Mixtapes, countless hours in the studio, and an array of shows and performances, Iron Rose gained respect for their contemporary-classic style, all while building the brand we now know as "Iron Rose."

Iron Rose has drawn countless comparisons to several of the rap SUPER groups of old. From the Wu-tang Clan, to A Tribe Called Quest, and the great Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. But if you ask them, while thankful for the association with such amazing groups, they look to pave their own road to success. Equipped with a revolutionary message, a smooth sound, tough delivery, and great songs to match, Iron Rose looks to pave a road unlike any other.



"Meet the Gods"